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Serie Rio 92 what did it lead to? Rio +20 what will it lead to?

WWF Living Amazon Initiative presents a serie of interviews addressing the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development - Earth Summit or Rio 92 - and the new United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development - the Rio + 20 - which will be taking place in the same city of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) exactly two decades later.

The aim is to revive our memories of the personalities that took part in that historic gathering, retrieve the conference’s legacy and hear from these specialists what their expectations are for this new meeting, highlightening Amazon, Brazil and Latin America perspectives.

That context has inspired the title Rio 92 what did it lead to? Rio+20 what will it lead to?

Whatever their sphere of activity may be - the markets, politics, the academic world, the third sector or civil society - all of those interviewed in Brazil and other countries were involved in some way with the Rio 92, continue to address sustainable development issues as part of their activities and are preparing to take part in the Rio+20 event.

Diversity was one of the main criteria used to select the personalities to be interviewed. No kind of orientation interfered with their unconstrained declarations so that the opinions they have expressed and the narrations they have made of events correspond to the free personal conviction of each person who kindly conceded an interview or agreed to contribute an article.

This mosaic of testimonies amounts to a critical vision of what the world has done over the last 20 years and of the prospects for the Rio+20. The sharp points of view in no way detract from the importance of the upcoming United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, quite the contrary, they underscore the importance of the historical moment; just as important as the one in 1992.

United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development

Serie “Rio 92 what did it lead to? Rio +20 what will it lead to?”