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Within the Alps ecoregion, WWF and their partners identified internal corridors that link the Alpine gemstones (Priority Conservation Areas) with each other and to other important natural areas.
To effectively conserve Alpine nature, ecological links must be established both within and between important conservation areas like the Alpine gemstones. A fully intact network of natural and protected areas will allow individuals of a species to wander between populations and to migrate to new Alpine areas. WWF is working to construct and maintain a natural connective network for the Alpine gemstones.

What We Do

Orobie/Grigne - Rhaetic Triangle Connection Area: WWF is working to connect two important gemstone areas (the Orobie/Grigne and Rhaetic Triangle areas) in the province of Sondrio in the Italian Alps. Up to 17 ecological corridors were identified and described in the connection region. There are currently three projects in the field that focus on recreating an ecological network for large birds, red deer, and amphibians.

Connectivity in the Rhaetic Triangle: The Rhaetic Triangle was chosen as a pilot area by the Alpine Convention’s Ecological Network platform due to the area's active role in supporting sustainable development and ecological connectivity within the region. The ‘econnect’ project (for which WWF is a partner) also choose the Rhaetic Triangle as a pilot area to test the best methods for re-establishing connectivity with the help of the Pro Terra Engiadina foundation.

Connectivity in the Laghi Insubrici: WWF is working to restore ecological continuity in the Laghi Insubrici area. In the Vedeggio River area (CH), for example, WWF is helping to re-establish the ecological network by promoting connectivity between the few remaining natural and semi-natural zones within this highly urbanized area.