Partnerships to Improve Food Security and Livelihoods in South East Lowveld

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Africa/Madagascar > Southern Africa > Zimbabwe


The project will encompass the Chiredzi District in the South East Lowveld of Zimbabwe. There is particular focus on the Sengwe Communal Lands and Chizvirizvi Resettlement Scheme adjacent to the Save Conservancy, Malilangwe and Gonarezhou National Park.

The project aims to develop and strengthen capacity of public-private community partnership institutions to improve food security and diversify livelihoods, with the ultimate objective of improved security and sustainable use of natural resources.


Zimbabwe has historically been self sufficient in food production as well as being a net exporter of surplus produce. However, in recent years the situation has changed significantly due to a number of factors.

Deteriorating economic conditions have led to a need for food imports and a general decrease in living standards, particularly amongst communal farmers in the drought prone Natural Regions III, IV and V.


The overall objective of this food security programme is to achieve improved food security and health of local communities through diversified livelihood strategies and equitable, sustainable natural resource management.

The specific objective is to establish adaptive co-management systems to improve livelihoods, food security and management of natural resources in the project area.


This programme intends to support interventions designed to improve food security and enhance natural resource management by strengthening institutional capacities, improving crop production, protein production and enterprise development through innovative private-public community partnerships (PPCP).


-Operational small scale irrigation schemes.

-Improved crop production and natural resource management from conservation agriculture practices.

-Supply of legal wild meat to rural communities.

-Improved livestock health, production and marketing.

-Enterprise development opportunities identified and initiated in the above results areas.

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