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Funds are desperately needed to help support a range of new and on-going activities to conserve African elephants and to help the people living alongside them. Individuals, companies, institutions, government aid agencies can all provide vital support to our work.

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Whatever amount you can give will help!

  • CHF 10 (€7) - allows a child to participate in a school trip to an elephant reserve, to raise awareness of elephant conservation.
  • CHF 60 (€40) - pays a month's salary for an anti-poaching ranger.
  • CHF 100 (€70) - provides fuel for 2 months for a project education officer to visit local schools and organize slide shows and drama groups to raise awareness of elephant conservation.
  • CHF 200 (€140) - buys a year's supply of clothing and equipment for a ranger (e.g. waterproof clothing, sleeping bag, boots, rucksack).
  • CHF 900 (€600) - pays for the production of environmental education materials (e.g. books, leaflets, posters) for local schools.
  • CHF 1,200 (€800) - pays for the training of a park guard.
  • CHF 5,000 (€3,500) - pays for the demarcation of a new protected area.
African elephant (Loxodonta africana) bull with large tusks, Amboseli National Park, Kenya.

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