Simply put: WWF is in the business of saving our one and only planet.
WWF Staff, Sanivalati Navuku and Penina Solomona, are surveying one of the turtle nesting beach at Ligan village, Kia. They found turtle bones at the site. © WWF-Fidji

What's keeping us up at night is the fear that if we humans keep on going the way we have been going, then the things that take our breath away, the things that make our jaws drop, the things that we are astounded by...will not be there for much longer... they will have gone, disappeared, sayanara.

We are working for a living planet - a place where people live in harmony with nature. For a future where our children, and our children's children will be able to enjoy the great diversity and wealth of choice that our planet offers us today.

© / WWF


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