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Big ideas for little shrimp

People have relied on the ocean for food since early human history. Over the millennia, our appetite for seafood has grown – along with our population.

Today, aquaculture – or seafood farming – is essential to meet this growing demand. As with all types of farming, aquaculture can have big impact on the surrounding environment. But that impact can be managed and mitigated, and the Aquaculture Stewardship Council help producers do just that.

Sustainability: "a journey, not an event"

In Belize, the shrimp industry is an important source of jobs. WWF helped producers come together to earn ASC certification, so the industry can continue to make a positive economic impact without harming coral reefs, mangroves or other important habitats.

The key to success was working together. By getting the vast majority of shrimp production certified, we are shifting the whole industry in Belize toward sustainability. Watch the story.




Together, anything is possible.


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