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Youth Environmental Clubs Movement

WWF Madagascar's environmental education programme began in 1987 thanks to a collaboration with technicians of the Ministry of Education who set up a series of trainings for educators, including the conception and elaboration of didactic equipment intended for pupils of public and private primary school.

It has thus produced didactic equipment for "Ny Voaary" (nature in Malagasy) for the five levels of primary school, as well as relevant utilization guides for teachers. In 1991, this successful programme led WWF to launch the "Vintsy" magazine (kingfisher in Malagasy) that constitutes a logical continuation in secondary school of "Ny Voaary".

"Vintsy" is an ecology-oriented magazine produced for students from secondary schools who are between 12 and 18 years old. Now, the magazine has a larger readership among the general population, including parents, adults, scientists and especially teachers. Each publication, written in Malagasy and French, is also used by teachers as a pedagogical and didactic complement.
June-September 2012