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Salama be? Ty anarako Hellen K. Makuu, baka Kenyaa aho, a part-time student at Mombasa Management Training Institute pursuing a Diploma course in Community Development.
It's still vivid to me of my placement country and not real that am back to my home country, at first it sounded weird going to a strange place where I knew no one but my instinct was proved wrong by the friendly atmosphere from the Community around, beginning with the WWF staff Madagascar, going down to the Villagers who were extraordinary and ready to learn new things.

Sanitation class given by Hellen

© WWF / Hellen Makuu

How I landed myself in the Placement?
I was going through the WWF Website and became more interested in conservation issues, in the process I came across the Application form for the Explore Programme, first I wanted to know what WWF does and this drew my attention since it was in line with my ambition, and for this reason I gave it a trial and things turned out positively.

Back Home - Real Explore commences now!!!!

Home sweet home was very welcoming and the first few days I had to liaise with WWF Kenya who inquired of my report and I quote the mail “I am glad to hear that you had a productive experience in Madagascar. It would be useful if you could produce a comprehensive report on your trip and send it to me so that we can share it with all the relevant WWF offices and staff”.
Taye Teferi, Regional Conservation, Programme Coordinator

That’s not all, so much awaited me back in my country and on my arrival I had to prepare a presentation to a number of Institutions, to start with was Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) whose core mandate is to “Conserve Wildlife for Posterity”, then at the University Mombasa Polytechnic.

Currently I am thinking of ways to engage Youth both in and out of school on an Environmental Programme by raising awareness, educating and sensitizing the Community on becoming a better Conservation champion.
Malagasy fishermen struggle for survival

Presenting to Kenya Wildlife Society

© WWF / Hellen Makuu

Close up!!!
As the saying goes “Opportunity knocks once” and once it comes your way grab it and show the world what potential is in you, you never know what tomorrow has in store for you. But put God first in everything for He is knows your destiny.


My sincere thanks goes to all who contributed in one way or another in making this Program a success for me
  • WWF International – for the opportunity given to me in the Explore Program
  • WWF Madagascar - for accepting me into their country and treating me in a nice way
  • Ambohibola Community – for the desire to learn new things and accepting development
  • WWF Kenya – for acknowledging the work I did in the foreign country
  • Madagascar Consulate – for the hospitality during the Visa Application
  • Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) – for allowing me to share my experience in conservation
  • Mombasa Polytechnic University – for having such an interactive session of Q and A.


Finally, to all my fellow Conservationists and the aspiring ones, let’s join forces and make a better Planet.

Women in action for sustainable development


Food for thought...

Let's watch over our day to day practice not to compromise our better future’

Hellen Makuu, Kenya

Some of my photos...