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About Me...

I'm Corinne, I'm twenty one, and I live in Switzerland near Zürich...

I've started my studies in “applied medium sciences & communication" last October.

It was the first time that I had been so far away and I needed some time to really realise "that I'm in Madagascar!" because what I've seen there I had never experienced this way before.

Before my studies I had the opportunity to work in an internship for the WWF Switzerland, that showed me a lot about conservation work.

But to see it out there in the forest was more impressive than I had ever expected.

What I learned while I was there...

I've learned so many things in Madagascar, it's impossible to mention everything... But here are 3 of my most impressive moments:


In Madagascar I've had one of my greatest birthday 
© WWF \ Claire Balbo
In Madagascar I've had one of my greatest birthday
© WWF \ Claire Balbo

My Video

Below is the video that I made during my time in Madagascar. It shows my typical morning in the community "Anjialavabe" - totally different from my daily habits in Europe.

Contact Me!

If you're thinking of volunteering and want to talk more about what it's like and what to expect, you can email me at this address:

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