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The Moist Forests in South-Eastern Madagascar contain a very rich biodiversity, and the development of its flora and fauna is spectacular thanks to a very favourable climate. However, this is threatened by the activities of the local population whose lives depend on the forest's natural resources.

With a view to the participatory management of forests with local communities, WWF has been implementing the Community Forestry Project in Midongy du Sud in three stages since 2003. The project is funded by the Swedish National Development Agency (SIDA). WWF’s mission is to protect, develop and restore the forest for the well-being of the local communities. WWF’s intervention sites in the Midongy du Sud region are located in the Forest Corridor between the Midongy du Sud Befotaka National Park and the Vondrozo Forest Reserve. The implementation is carried out in the framework of three main sections: 1) Forest conservation; 2) Gender approach, and 3) Development of alternatives to slash and burn cultivation (tavy).

September-December 2008