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Hi, my name is Olivier, I am 30 years old and I live in Switzerland. I have studied International Relations (HEI) in Geneva. During my studies I took a great interest in conservation and environmental economics. For this reason I have continued with a masters degree in Environmental Sciences in Zurich.
As part of my studies, I was required to do an internship in the field of conservation. When I discovered the existence of the Hot House, I knew straightaway that the Hot House was a fabulous tool for WWF in order to fill the gap between politics and science. For this very reason, I applied to the Volunteer Programme.


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Green economy, Rio+20 & G20
The many staff and team meetings allowed me to meet with, discuss and learn from experts in all fields. Moreover, being a volunteer at WWF international enabled me to do a lot of research on relevant topics about green economy, earth negotiations and major environmental related summits such as Rio 2012 or the G20.
After I finished my volunteer placement, I went back to Zurich to finish my Master Thesis in Environmental Sciences. This experience convinced me that there are plenty of job opportunities in the areas of environmental politics and environmental economics. Indeed, in order to make things change and to increase the conservation initiatives and projects around the world, I remain convinced that we need specialists and volunteers from all kind of realms, the jointure of this different talents is the key stone to achieve successful goals in the environmental protection.

My advice to you

If your motive is to work for an NGO and you wish to bring about social change on environmental perception, I highly recommend you to apply for a placement at the Hot House. There is no better way to appreciate the daily work provided by those who really want things to change.

Don’t feel afraid to fill the application form and take the opportunity to enjoy this great experience of being a volunteer at the WWF International headquarters or in some exotic place around the world.