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About me!

Hi there, my name is Chenai Mamvura and I am from Zimbabwe. I was a Volunteer at the WWF- Africa Policy Unit in Nairobi, Kenya, under the Environmental Hazards program from January-July 2013.
Having had a passion for nature conservation and subjects like Biology and Geography since high school I decided to go to Namibia to study Environmental Science. This was more of a hobby to me as each module came with its own fascinating concepts on biodiversity conservation; because of my interest in nature conservation I grew an interest in organisations such as WWF as they are conservation champions. Their work was always exceptional to me and my dream was to one day work close with them so I always used to keep track of their work and what opportunities they had for young people like me, so when I saw information about their Youth Volunteer Program I didn’t have to think twice I just send my application right away. WWF fulfilled two of my dreams and that was working with them and working in Kenya, I always wanted to be in Kenya and so this made my experience priceless.
What next
Soon after I finished my Internship at WWF-Kenya I started my MSc in Geo-informatics and Environmental Science. After I am done sometime in 2014 I hope to get involved again with WWF directly or indirectly. I wouldn’t trade my experience in WWF for anything it was simply priceless!

If you are a nature lover and passionate about saving the environment then WWF is the perfect place to get actively involved.


Some of my photos