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Volunteer: Bhutan
Hi, I’m Lise. I’m an environmental Economist by training but an Ecological Economist at heart.
Me at the iconic Tiger's Nest Monastery © Tobias Schmid

I have a great respect for and interest in different ways of managing our economies and societies for more sustainable outcomes - like Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness.   I applied for the WWF Global Youth Volunteer Programme when I was studying for my Masters in London.  Environmental economics and happiness economics actually have a lot of common ground, and it was while studying these links that I knew I had to go to Bhutan to find out what the rest of the world could learn about sustainability from this little country. 
Being a South African, the challenge of how to link environmental sustainability with development aspirations is close to my heart.  It is a challenge that will require new ways of thinking, new tools, and new development paths.  This internship was an invaluable time for me to explore some of these issues. 

The mountain after the fire
© The mountain after the fire © Tobias Shmid