The BIG vaquita quiz!!!

How many Vaquitas are left in the wild?

There are 30 vaquita in the wild

Vaquita is not only one of the smallest cetaceas (dolphins, porpoise, whales), but also the most endangered mammal.


Vaquita live just off the coast of Mexico

They are most often found close to shore in the Gulf's shallow waters, although they quickly swim away if a boat approaches.

When was the vaquita discovered?

Vaquitas were only discovered 50 years ago

Vaquitas' home territory is part of the northern Gulf of California. Twenty years ago, there were about 600 in the region.

What is the main cause of the vaquita declining population?

Vaquita are often caught by mistake

Vaquitas share waters with the much sought-after totoaba fish and fishing nets inadvertently catch and drown the porpoise. Demand for totoaba swim bladders – believed to cure a variety of illness and diseases in Chinese medicine- is driving the vaquita to extinction.

What is the scientific name of the vaquita?

It's Phocoena sinus

Orcaella brevirostris is the scientific name for the Irrawady Dolphin, Orcinus orca is the killer whales, and Megaptera novaeangliae is the humpback whales

What is the average weight of the vaquita?

Vaquita weight up to 54kg

The vaquita’s unique facial markings of a black ring around each eye and black curved lips have been compared to a smiling panda. They are dark gray on their dorsal (top) surface with pale gray sides and a white underside with light gray markings.

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