Race to save the vaquita

The vaquita is the most endangered marine mammal on the planet. Countless vaquitas have been drowned in gillnets, which is their biggest single threat. While only a few vaquitas remain, recent monitoring shows there are still mothers and calves in the area. A habitat completely free from gillnets is now the only chance for the vaquita to survive. Help us protect their habitat, the Upper Gulf of California, from gillnets. Take action now.

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How much to you know about vaquita?

While the vaquita may be one of the most endangered species on earth there are still a lot of things we don’t know about it. Take our vaquita quiz today.

The vaquita is one of the rarest species on earth!

Act now to help save the vaquita

The vaquita’s habitat in the upper Gulf of California is full of abandoned or lost nets which are killing not only this small porpoise but also species like turtles or whales.

Act now to support the retrival of these ‘ghost nets’ out from the water, where vaquitas get entangled and die.

With €30, you will help WWF to send a boat that will retrieve abandoned or lost nets out of the water.