If you have arrived here it is most likely that you have seen your credit card statement with a reference to this page on it.

We put this page here so that we can explain the reference you see on your credit card statement which concerns your Donation or Membership to WWF.
WWF uses a highly respected company called Worldpay to process the money received from generous supporters such as yourself, online, via WWF's global website panda.org (this website).

However, we have very little control over how your donation is shown on your statement because of the rules inherent in banking circles.

What your statement says, is:

that you have made a contribution to WWF, through its International Office based in Switzerland.

The company who processed the payment was Worldpay - this may be seen as the "WP" or "Wp" on your statement, and

Worldpay operates out of the United Kingdom, which is why you may also see that on your statement.

If you still have queries about your statement and the reference to WWF, please do not hesitate to contact the Supporter Manager at WWF who can help you further (contact details are below, to the right).

Further help on specific issues is also available in the green box to the right.

Want to cancel your ongoing support to WWF?
To cancel your ongoing futurepay agreements with WWF you need to

  • go to the Worldpay website
  • Enter your username and password that was sent to you when you made your first payment.
  • (Lost this information?)
  • Once logged in, go to the Customer FuturePay Agreements and click on the arrow underneath change details
  • On this new page you'll see a cancel button. Click this.
  • It will ask you if you are sure, and you click yes

Want a refund?
Contact the Supporter Manager below.

Want to change your details?
Follow the steps above for cancelling your payment but look for the Change button under User Options

Still having problems or questions?
Contact the Supporter Manager below.