A day to stand up for what we stand on: Earth Day

The Optical Spectroscopic and Infrared Remote Imaging System (OSIRIS) camera on board the Rosetta spacecraft observed Earth during its swing-by in November 2007. A sun-illuminated crescent can be seen around Antarctica in this image that is a color composite combining images obtained at various wavelengths.
Unless you were born on this day, got married, or had your first kiss, April 22nd will probably pass you by like most other days: starting with a sunrise, ending with a sunset.
Yet this is the day that the Earth was born.

(Sure that's a stretch of the imagination - a one in 365 chance of being right... and assuming Earth was not born in a leap year :-)

But what is true is that approximately 4.54 billion years ago this planet we call home, that we call Earth,  came into being.

And about 40 years ago we started to have an international day for celebrating this "birthday" of our only planet.

So folks.

Here we are.

Sitting on a huge rock with a delicate crust of magnificent blues and greens.

That supports millions of different life forms.

That provides us with the basis for our loves, hopes, and dreams which make up our everyday lives.

Don't you think that is worth at least one round of applause?

Just one nod of appreciation?

At least once a year...


Why not join in for every other day as well?

Join in or subscribe to one of the growing online WWF Communities, and make every day an Earth Day...

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