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We are excited to have a very distinguished panel of judges to choose one of the two winners in the "Life. Nature. You. Make the Connection" video competition. The other winner will be decided by popular vote in the online video community Vimeo.

Maarten van Rouveroy
Senior producer / cameraman at Greenpeace International
Maarten van Rouveroy is a senior producer / cameraman at Greenpeace International based in Amsterdam.

Having graduated as a marine biologist specialised in tropical marine ecology and as a cinematographer from film school, his chief interests lie in the natural world, the environment and film making. In his role at Greenpeace, Maarten is responsible for producing, shooting and editing for a wide spectrum of productions ranging from news to short form documentaries and creative web videos. As a producer he also commissions camera people around the world to shoot and edit for the environmental organisation and liaises with television news producers, documentary film makers and online video channels.

Next to his work at Greenpeace, Maarten has also produced and shot a number of fiction shorts as well as documentary films on a number of political and social issues.
Maarten Van Rouveroy, Senior producer / cameraman at Greenpeace International

© Maarten Van Rouveroy

Brandon Litman
Co-founder of One Day on Earth
Brandon is the co-founder of One Day on Earth, a grassroots online community formed in 2008 that filmed in every country in the world on the same day. Litman has shaped production partnerships with the United Nations and many of the world’s leading NGO’s to create the largest archive of cause-based media shot in a single day. The results are currently being edited into a feature length film.

Through a unique partnership with the United Nations Development Programme, Litman, his team, and the One Day on Earth community are slated to hold worldwide filming collaborations on an annual basis. The goal is to create a diverse and accessible media platform and an archive that communicates both the joys and struggles of everyday life.
Brandon Litman, Co-founder of One Day on Earth

© Brandon Litman

Andrew Jackson
Head of the BBC Natural History
Andrew became the Head of the BBC Natural History Unit in autumn 2009. He is responsible for heading up the award winning production unit based in Bristol, delivering a wide range of natural history programmes on TV, radio, online and for the cinema.

Andrew rejoined the BBC after an eighteen year absence working in the independent sector. He began his TV career in BBC News and Current Affairs before joining the Natural History Unit in 1986. As a producer-director he worked on several award-winning series for BBC One and Two and joined Tigress Production in 1991 producing and directing the ITV specials In The Wild. He worked with, among others, Julia Roberts, Goldie Hawn and Bob Hoskins.
Whilst at Tigress he was directly involved in producing or directing more than 100 hours of TV. He became Managing Director in 2002 and helped build a worldwide reputation for Tigress for making outstanding science, wildlife and adventure programmes.

Andrew grew up in Malaysia and lives in Bristol with his family.
Andrew Jackson, Head of the BBC Natural History

© Andrew Jackson

Alka Tomar
Founding director of CMS Vatavaran
Ms Tomar is the founding director of CMS VATAVARAN – International Environment and Wildlife Film Festival. She also heads the Environment Team and the ENVIS Centre on environmental communication at CMS.

A post-graduate in Environmental Sciences, her area of specialisation includes environmental communication and education. She is pursuing her PhD in communicating climate change from University of Stirling, Scotland, UK. With sixteen years of experience in project planning, design and management, she has been instrumental in formulating locale specific conservation education, communication and social mobilisation strategies. Ms Tomar also undertakes planning and outreach programmes for creating awareness among range of target groups and also to sensitise electronic media practitioners. She has conducted several research projects on assessing knowledge, attitude and practice prevailing in communities and formulating communication strategies accordingly leading to behaviour change.

She was in the Jury of 2006 Green Film Festival in Seoul, Korea and has been on the Environment and Media Advisory Committee of Ministry of Environment and Forests, GoI.
Alka Tomar, Founding director of CMS Vatavaran

© Alka Tomar

Elma Okic
Video Producer at WWF International
Elma Okic, based in Switzerland, is currently the Video Producer at WWF International and played a key role in the creation of WWF's Global Video Network.

Elma previously worked as a press and documentary photographer for UK-based press agencies, and as a camera operator and production co-ordinator for video and major event producers.

She has special interest and experience in environmental issues. In her present role Elma commissions film-makers around the world, supports and advises WWF Network in video production.
Elma Okic, Video Producer at WWF International

© Elma Okic