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A line in the sand

Drawing on profound and challenging experiences gained when mentored and trained by a group of metis Native Americans, Mac uses story and powerful imagery to awaken and evoke our innate wild nature.


Tim Macartney 
© Tim Macartney

Nationality: UK

Title:  Founder, Embercombe & Head of Organisation Consultancy

About Mac

Mac is the CEO and founder of Embercombe, a social enterprise located in Devon, United Kingdom, that seeks to inspire committed action towards a truly sustainable world. He has also co-founded a leadership development consultancy in Poland. Mac has been coaching and developing leaders from the corporate world since 1984 and has recently published his first book Finding Earth, Finding Soul.

Over a period of twenty years Mac has been mentored and coached by Native American 'Medicine' people on the cultural and spiritual teachings that once informed the practice of our own British indigenous culture. The values, principles, and wisdom of this tradition inform and guide all aspects of his life and work.

Mac’s work with organisation leaders is motivated by his belief that leadership is one of the areas where we most need to see radical and transformative change, and that sustainability and corporate responsibility need to become integrated and inseparable from the core business of every commercial entity. He also feels that we must reverse the long-standing tradition of rewarding performance even when this same performance has hurt and weakened individuals, communities, and/or the natural environment.