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Our TEDxWWF Speakers
Conservation Director, WWF-Greater Mekong Programme
Stuart Chapman is the Conservation Director for WWF’s Greater Mekong Programme which covers Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. During this time he ensured the successful implementation of a WWF strategy to oppose the construction of Lower Mekong mainstream dams resulting in two downstream countries adopting WWF’s pre-stated position of a 10 year delay in dam construction.  He also led the team that convinced stakeholders of the need for a Mekong regional programme under the Global Environment Facility, which after 2 years of sustained work, leveraged over US$150 million for conservation in the Mekong region.

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© Stuart Chapman

President, American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine President, Council of Colleges of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Lixin Huang is well-known for her thoughts on consumption reduction of illegal species in traditional medicine. She has been advocating sustainability in Chinese herbal medicine and has spoken widely on the challenges and opportunities ahead.

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Lixin Huang

© Lixin Huang

Founder, Embercombe & Head of Organisation Consultancy

Mentored by a group of ‘metis’ Native Americans that have profoundly influenced Mac’s worldview, Mac has been working as a people and organisation development professional since 1984. He is the founder of Embercombe, a published author, a conference speaker, a trustee with one other charity, and an associate with Leaders Quest.

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Tim Macartney

© Tim Macartney

Founder, Natural History Tours
Irshad is a former banker turned naturalist/conservationist. Self-trained, he is today one of Malaysia's most celebrated naturalists, with over 26 years of experience in the field and having appeared on numerous TV shows.

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Irshad Mobarak, Founder, Natural History Tours, TEDxWWF Singapore speaker, 2012

© Irshad Mobarak

International Law Barrister

With a particular interest in, and experience of, the relationship between multinational corporations and the environment, Sudhanshu has worked on environmental and human rights issues around the world, including in India, Colombia, Afghanistan, Syria and Darfur.

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© Sudhanshu Swaroop

Simon is a public intellectual focusing on Asia’s international relations, such as US-Asia relations, the global economy and issues of regionalization.

He is concurrently the chairman of the Singapore Institute of International Affairs think-tank, professor of international law at the National University of Singapore and Senior Consultant at the law firm, WongPartnership.

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Simon Tay, TEDxWWF Singapore Speaker, 2012

© Simon Tay

Secretary General, Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)
20 years of experience with reputable multinational organizations have brought Darrel Webber to the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) as Secretary General. From there he provides strategic insights on the significance of sustainable palm oil amidst an expanding environmentally and socially conscious world.

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Darrel Webber, RSPO Secretary General and TEDxWWF Singapore speaker, 2012

© Darrel Webber

Ocean Environmentalist / Shark Publicist/ Photographer
William Winram is an elite athlete who has turned his unique competitive talent to the aid of the world’s oceans. Today, he volunteers a significant amount of his time to assist scientists in their research to understand these animals which are savagely slaughtered in the number of 100 million individuals every year.

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William Winram

© William Winram


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