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Water - The Solvable Crisis

A discussion about how governments, business and consumers can create solutions to save the stuff of life.

About Stuart

Stuart has been with WWF since 2006 and works with the private sector on a range of water related activities, from water footprint to public policy engagement. Stuart has published numerous papers on water measurement, agricultural policy and water-related risk, and is currently co-drafting policy guidelines for the private sector as part of the UN CEO Water Mandate. Stuart has also recently joined the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council for water.

Previous to life with WWF, he researched agricultural rice systems in West Africa and worked for many years in the private sector in Asia and the US.

Stuart holds an MSc in Environment and Development from the School of International Development at the University of East Anglia and is currently based in Switzerland where he works at WWF-International as a Manager in the Freshwater Team.

More on WWF's Freshwater Programme.

Stuart Orr

Stuart Orr, Freshwater Programme Manager, WWF International 
© Stuart Orr

Nationality: British

Organization: WWF International

Title: Freshwater Manager


Change the way you think about water

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