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A Manifesto for a Sustainable Business Revolution

We are living beyond our environmental and social means in the developed world and, on current trajectories, in the not too distant future a growing middle class in the developing world will too. There is a growing recognition amongst businesses of the risks this poses to the long term stability and vitality of the global economy, but few businesses know how to make their business model significantly more sustainable. Mike will propose the practical steps that can be taken to drive the sustainable business journey forward.

About Mike

Mike is Head of Sustainable Business at the UK retailer Marks & Spencer.

He was part of the small team that developed the company's groundbreaking Plan A, a 100 point, 5 year plan to address a wide range of environmental and social issues. He helps provide the vision and the energy to affect change and ensure a leading but efficient approach to sustainability across the company.

His working life is broadly divided into three parts. Listening to and prioritising stakeholder expectations of Marks & Spencer; integrating them into corporate strategy; working with shops, business units and suppliers to deliver more sustainable products and wider business activity; and helping communicate M&S’ sustainability achievements internally and externally.

In May 2011 Mike was named the Guardian’s inaugural Sustainable Business Innovator of the Year. He sits on the board of the World Environment Centre and BiTC’s Mayday Network. Prior to joining Marks & Spencer in 2000, he worked as an environment manager in the engineering sector and as an environmental consultant. He is a chemistry graduate from Sheffield University.

Mike Barry

Mike Barry, Head of Sustainable Business, Marks & Spencer. 
© Mike Barry

Nationality: British

Company: Marks & Spencer

Title: Head of Sustainable Business



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