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Feeding 9 Billion and Maintaining the Planet

Jason explores why food production is the most important conservation issue in the 21st century, where we stand today and with ‘business as usual’ projections for 2050, and what the nine food wedges are that would allow us to produce enough food for all, but still have a planet.

There is no silver bullet to solve this problem, but there is something that each of us can do.

About Jason

In addition to his position as WWF’s Senior Vice President of Market Transformation, Dr. Jason Clay (USA) manages the WWF Network’s private sector advisory board and is the architect of WWF’s private sector engagement strategy.

He is a leader within WWF and the NGO community more broadly on identifying global trends and issues as well as supply chain management. Jason Clay has co-convened multi-stakeholder roundtables to identify and reduce the social and environmental impacts of such products as salmon, soy, sugarcane, and cotton and helped draft the RSPO principles and criteria for sustainable palm oil.

Over the course of his career he has run a family farm, taught at Harvard and Yale, worked in the U.S. Department of Agriculture, helped create hundreds of products such as Rainforest Crunch with Ben & Jerry’s, and spent more than twenty-five years working with human rights and environmental organizations.

Clay, who received his Ph.D. at Cornell University in 1979 in anthropology and international agriculture, founded the award-winning Cultural Survival Quarterly, and is the author of more than 250 articles and 15 books on the topics of environment, agriculture, aquaculture, poverty alleviation and CSR.

Jason Clay

Jason Clay, Senior Vice President, WWF-US, Market Transformations 
© Jason Clay

Nationality: US

Company: WWF-US

Title: Senior Vice President, Markets



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