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Lessons from the Sea

Having had the opportunity to sail around the world, solo, four times, Isabelle has been profoundly moved by her experiences. She will share with us some of the things that the sea has taught her about life and living on our planet.

About Isabelle

French solo yachtwoman, she is the first woman to have sailed around the world in a competition.

Agronomist specialised in halieutic resources, writer, radio broadcaster staging performances on the sea and the environment, she is also a board member of the « French Southern and Antarctic territories » and an ambassador for the International Federation for Human Rights.

Vice-chair of the group in charge of ‘the delicate meeting between the sea and the earth’ within the political process known as the « Grenelle de la mer (the sea)», holder of the French distinctions “Ordre national du Mérite” and « Légion d'honneur, Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres », she is also the Chair of WWF-France (elected in December 2009).

Isabelle Autissier

Isabelle Autissier is a sailor, navigator and writer.
© Isabelle Autissier

Nationality: French

Title: Sailor, navigator and writer



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