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TEDxWWF was held in the Sofitel Hotel, Abu Dhabi, on 21 May 2013, as a one-day event with the theme "One Planet Living".



The following speakers presented their ideas at TEDxWWF 2013:

Andreas Keller
- Co-creator of iShack

Andy Ridley - Executive Director and Co-founder of Earth Hour

Bruce Ferguson - Professor at Masdar Institute of Science and Technology

Elham Al Qasimi - The first Arab woman to reach the North Pole

Ginger Krieg Dosier - Inventor of Bio-Brick

Julie-Ann Odell - Founder of Dubai Drums

Luc Marin -
Sand artist

Lucy Orta
- Contemporary Visual Artist

Majid Al-Qassimi - Veterinarian and Environmental Advocate

Sara El Sayed - Certified Biomimicry Professional and Biologist

William Gaillard - Senior Advisor to the President of UEFA


Sofitel, Abu Dhabi


May 21, 2013