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WWF Adria is looking for a Quality Assurance (QA), Environmental & Social (E&S) Safeguards Framework (ESSF) and Risk Management (RM) coordinator

Posted on 20 October 2020

WWF Adria is looking for an expert to drive Quality Assurance (QA), Environmental & Social (E&S) Safeguards Framework (ESSF), and Risk Management (RM). This position is meant to further strengthen our deep commitment to working in collaboration with local communities and diverse stakeholders, respecting human rights. The deadline to apply for this position is November 7, 2020.
Position title:                      Quality Assurance, Environmental & Social Safeguards, Risk Management Coordinator
Reports to:                          Director of Conservation

Location:                            Zagreb or Belgrade

Starting/Ending:                 2020/2022
WWF is one of the world’s leading non-governmental and non-profit organizations for nature conservation. WWF has been established in 1961, and has representative offices in over 100 countries across the globe and approximately 6200 employees. The organization is proud of its supporters of over five million people.

WWF Adria is representing WWF within the countries of Western Balkans with approximately 60 employees. It operates through a WWF Adria office in Zagreb (Croatia), WWF Adria-Serbia office in Belgrade, and partner organizations and consultants within the rest of the region. To implement its conservation goals WWF Adria operates in the structure of different programs (Marine, Freshwater, Protected Areas & Governance and Wildlife) which are contributing to the protection of different ecosystems or to the improvement of the governance of protected areas within the Protected Areas & Governance Programme.

To further strengthen our deep commitment to working in collaboration with local communities and diverse stakeholders, and respecting human rights, WWF Adria has established a full time position to drive Quality Assurance (QA), Environmental & Social (E&S) Safeguards Framework (ESSF) and Risk Management (RM).
  1. Major Functions:
  • Support WWF Adria team to ensure that our work in landscapes and projects are screened for E&S risks and E&S risks are mitigated and managed, stakeholders are engaged and grievance systems are in place;
  • Ensure mainstreaming of ESSF and RM in project proposals and guide ESSF and RM in the Quality Assurance process;
  • Ensure WWF Adria has a system of Quality Assurance in place to develop project concepts and proposals, with documented risk screenings and approvals;
  • Train/mentor WWF Adria staff on ESSF policies and standards; train WWF Adria staff on QA; support WWF Adria staff in RM implementation;
  • Liaise with WWF International, and ensure information flow and reporting on QA, ESSF and RM implementation;
  1. Major Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Serve as the focal point and coordinator for E&S safeguard implementation and oversight in the Adria region.
  • Support the Adria team in the implementation of the ESSF policy by sharing information with and providing mentoring support to Landscape Leads, program managers, project team members and other staff or consultants responsible for implementing E&S safeguards.
  • Lead the E&S risk screening in Adria landscapes and the development of risk mitigation and management plans; provide expert guidance and access to best practice information for the ESSF screening of WWF Adria projects, especially for those with medium and high risk ratings.
  • Guide and support the Adria program/landscape/project teams to identify risk mitigation and management opportunities/strategies, to engage stakeholders, to ensure project information disclosure and build grievance mechanisms in landscapes.
  • Ensure mainstreaming of ESSF into Adria project design, supporting Adria leadership in bringing ESSF into dialogue and negotiation with donors; ensure that ESSF aspects are well integrated into the Quality Assurance process.
  • Liaise with WWF International to ensure that Adria ESSF standards and procedures are updated, to report on ESSF implementation, to approve landscape ESSF risk screenings and management plans, to address specific challenges; resolve questions related to ESSF interpretation (from staff, partners and external stakeholders); train/mentor Adria staff on ESSF policies and standards; train partners and other relevant third parties on the ESSF and its provisions and implications for project preparation and implementation.
  • Ensure timely preparation and transmission of all the necessary information to WWF International and coordinate with WWF International the project review and endorsement;.
  • Support WWF Adria CEO, SMT, program managers and project leaders in dialogue with donors to ensure that risk mitigation and management measures identified in the QA process are integrated in the proposals, budgeted and supported by the donors and that specific safeguards required by the donors are integrated in the project design.
  • Ensure that Adria Risk register is regularly updated with program/project risks; that significant risks are identified and risk mitigation measures are designed and implemented.
  • Stay updated on developments in WWF International QA policy, standards and procedures and ensure Adria SMT, program leaders and other concerned staff are informed, trained and committed to QA implementation.
  1. Profile:
  • University degree in any of conservation, social sciences and management, law, environmental management, economics and policies, social development, sociology, social anthropology or other relevant fields.
  • Minimum of five years of relevant experience in any of the following areas: social development in conservation, human right based approach, community-based conservation and management of natural resources, stakeholder’s engagement and participation, E&S safeguard systems.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of social/local communities context of conservation in the Adria region; social safeguards; development of guidance, references and tools related to local communities and social safeguards; design and monitoring of conservation & development programs, projects and activities; engagement of local communities in conservation; and advocacy and capacity building.
  • Familiarity with the project development process; understanding of project risks and risk management; experience communicating with donors.

Competencies and characteristics

  • Decisive, independent, and able to set clear priorities;
  • Strategic thinker – overseeing the relation between the short-term goals and activities, related to the bigger picture and the long-term focus;
  • Diplomatic – sensitive for cultural differences and knowing how to act in multi-stakeholder alliances (with NGO colleagues, politicians, policymakers, private sector actors)
  • Networker, team player, and enthusiastic bridge builder;
  • Passionate about nature conservation;
  • Stress resistant;
  • Structured, planned and organized;
  • Result-oriented.
 Availability to travel (always respecting national and international Covid travel limitations)

Information and procedure

Are you interested in this position and do you recognize yourself in the above profile? Then we invite you to express your interest before November 7,, 2020 by sending an e-mail with a motivation letter and CV in English with a list of two references to  Only candidates selected for interviews will be contacted, and for selected candidates interviews will be held virtually.