Victim of elephant attack, Transmara, Kenya. © WWF / Martin Harvey

Kenya Black Rhino Conservation & Management Project

Support to the rhino population of the Nairobi and Aberdare National Parks contributes to the target of increasing the black rhino population at an average rate of 5% per annum. In addition, It will contribute to three WWF Operational Principles; ensuring that population status of target species are regularly monitored (monitoring biodiversity), identification and use of flagship species in awareness raising and fundraising (flagship species) and inclusion of partners in the planning, design and implementation of projects (partnerships).

Mitigating Human-Elephant Conflict in the Mara Ecosystem

This project targets elephant conservation in Transmara District in Kenya  through building local capacity to mitigate human elephant conflict. It assists to monitor and mitigate human-elephant conflict in Transmara District. At the same time, the project aims to increase awareness, and active use, of human-elephant mitigation methods by local human population. Finally, the project develops capacity within government, local communities and project staff for improved human-elephant mitigation and elephant conservation and management.