Since the early 1990s, WWF has supported the management and conservation of the East African Coastal Forests through projects in Kenya and in Tanzania.

This project seeks to establish an East African Coastal Forest Programme.

The aim is to develop and implement a strategy for conservation and sustainable management of the regional forests.

The programme will be built on existing site level projects by bringing together several components to engage policy at local, national and regional levels and increased participation of communities in natural resource management and livelihood activities.

This scaled up programme allows for a holistic approach to tackle root causes and ensure upgraded capacity for impact on conservation.

The proposed longer time frame provides more capacity building potential and the greater involvement of partners.

The proposed budgetary flexibility also allows for priority and pivotal activities to be undertaken.

Coastal Forests Projects

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Strangling ficus in Kaya Kinondo Forest on the Kenyan coast, Kwale-Kenya. 
© WWF-UK / Brent STIRTON / Getty Images
Though fragmented, Eastern Africa coastal forests have remarkable levels of biodiversity. Strangling ficus in Kaya Kinondo Forest, Kwale-Kenya.
© WWF-UK / Brent STIRTON / Getty Images