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Antananarivo united for lemurs

Posted on 29 October 2019

Like every last Friday of October, lemurs are celebrated all over the world.
Thus, almost a thousand people participated in the great carnival of the lemurs of Antananarivo on October 25. Various actors have mobilized for the conservation of lemurs. Conservation organizations such as Madagascar National Parks, GERP, Lemurs Portal, Fondation Tany Meva, Fanamby and WWF ; Ministries of Environment, Defence and Education; University of Antananarivo ; youth associations such as the Vintsy University Club, Scouts, Team Leapers and YMCA. Even the rugby players of the Makis of Madagascar did not hesitate to send a strong message during the carnival, which started from the Ambohijatovo garden to Mahamasina.
In Mahamasina, where exhibitions to showcase lemur conservation projects took place, the government and other organizations have put forward effective solutions and renewed their commitments to lemurs protection.
Professor Jonah Ratsimbazafy said that « these lemurs belong to us and we are the only ones that can protect them for our future generations ... The preservation of lemurs is a common matter. »
The clear message from the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development gives hope for the future of lemurs in Madagascar : the Malagasy government is ready to work with organizations and associations to protect these species and preserve the forest that is their natural habitat.