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WWF has worked in Brazil since 1971, but officially opened its office there in 1996. WWF runs dozens of projects here in partnership with regional NGOs, universities and government agencies. It develops activities to support research, legislation, public policy, environmental education and communication. in particular, many conservation projects are aimed at stimulating sustainable economic alternatives that both involve and benefit local communities.

Founded: 30 August 1996




CLS 114 Bloco D - 35 - Asa Sul,<br /> DF,<br /> 70377-540 Brasília - Distrito Federal


+55 61 3686-0632

WWF in Brazil


Communications Department

WWF Brazil,
+55 61 3364 7400

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The new protected areas will help protect the endangered Brazilian jaguar (Panthera onca) and other Amazon species.
© The new protected areas will help protect the endangered Brazilian jaguar (Panthera onca) and other Amazon species. © WWF / Michel Gunther

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