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  • Promote the adoption of Responsible Purchasing Policies by companies, private and public institutions
  • Disseminate the cultural relationship among communities and the forest
  • Show the versatility of timber use and the other components of a tree (leaves, roots, bark, fruit, branches, sawdust), which are used entirely through an artistic exhibit
  • Demonstrate the complexity of the forest - industry productive chain and its impact on job generation through impact indicators that can be referential multiplying factors
  • Integrate civil society, companies, governmental entities and political decision makers to the adoption of Responsible Purchase Policies of forest products though an educational campaign on forestry management, certification and adequate use of resources
  • Link the wood industry to the creative potential of local designers.
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"Cities for Forests" is WWF Bolivia's initiative to promote Responsible Purchase Policies of forest products at the national market (companies and governments).
© WWF / Andrea LOZANO
Forest management activities at Cibapa, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
One Tree Bolivia.
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