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Santa Cruz de la Sierra
Santa Cruz de la Sierra is one of the participating cities of Earth Hour in Bolivia. In 2008, it was the first Latin American and Bolivian city to join this worldwide campaign. It is a 1.5 million inhabitant city located in eastern Bolivia, an economically important region, and is the world capital of certified native tropical forests.
Gobierno Municipal Autónomo de Santa Cruz de la Sierra © GMASC

Earth Hour Bolivia 2009 will take center stage at the Redeemer Christ Monument in Santa Cruz de la Sierra. The activities, led by the Mayor of Santa Cruz, Mr. Percy Fernández, and by the President of the local power company CRE, Dr. Germán Antelo, will include music, speeches and a romantic candle lit dinner or walk at the restaurants located at Monseñor Rivero Avenue.

This will also be followed by thousands of Bolivians thanks to MAHS, a local company airing Earth Hour coverage and promotional videos on large electronic screens located in strategic positions in the cities of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Cochabamba and La Paz. A countdown to Earth Hour 2009, similar to world celebrations on New Years Eve, will also be displayed on these large electronic screens, sharing activities carried out worldwide in various cities that one by one turn off their lights.

In Santa Cruz de la Sierra, newspaper El Deber, mobile phone company Tigo, editorial El País, newspaper El Nuevo Día, magazines Mundo Seguro, La Voz del Chiquitano and Vamos, are a few of the companies that have joined the campaign and who will express their support by sending text messages as well as disseminating information aimed at reducing our footprint regarding climate change.

© WWF Bolivia / Jordán GANTIER
People gathered at the main square, during the speeches, previous to the blackout
© WWF Bolivia / Jordán GANTIER