China moves towards sustainable paper production

Posted on November, 12 2015

A new initiative to reduce deforestation and promote sustainable pulp and paper production in China – the world’s largest producer and consumer of paper products – has been launched by WWF with the China Forestry Industry Association.
A new initiative to reduce deforestation and promote sustainable pulp and paper production in China – the world’s largest producer and consumer of paper products – has been launched by WWF with the China Forestry Industry Association. The 10 company members of the China Sustainable Paper Alliance (CSPA) represent the entire 
supply chain of China’s pulp and paper industry and include China Paper, the country’s biggest state-run paper company and Sun Paper, its biggest private paper company, as well as global producers such as Kimberley-Clark and buyers such as Xerox and IKEA. The CSPA aims to address deforestation and the shortage of timber in China. By putting the industry on to a sustainable footing, China can greatly influence the future of the world’s forests.
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