UN approves new Sustainable Development Goals

Posted on November, 12 2015

In an historic moment, the UN has approved a new 15-year sustainable development deal which aims to eliminate poverty and inequality, achieve food, water and energy security and protect the environment.
In an historic moment, the UN has approved a new 15-year sustainable development deal which aims to eliminate poverty and inequality, achieve food, water and energy security and protect the environment. The WWF Network has long worked to make the environment central to this agreement. Several of the 17 new sustainable 
development goals (SDGs) explicitly focus on the environment including sustainable production and consumption, protection of freshwater, forest and marine biodiversity, and green cities. Climate change is recognised as a key threat to the environment and people, which must be addressed. The new deal will drive trillions of dollars to the SDGs, and help divert funding to sustainable development away from harmful ends such as fossil fuel subsidies.

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