WWF, Sofia Vergara and Marc Anthony team up to celebrate the extraordinary biodiversity of Latin America with the animated film “KOATI”

Posted on 22 April 2021

Over 25 international celebrities participating in the movie - with a combined reach of over 300M fans on social media - will support WWF’s mission of protecting and restoring nature, by uniting their voices on the first family animated comedy set in Latin America.

22 April - The global conservation organization WWF has joined forces with the team and cast of the much-anticipated animated comedy film ‘KOATI’ to bring to light one of the most biodiverse regions in the world, Latin America. The partnership, announced on Earth Day, arises at a crucial moment to encourage the world to deepen its relationship with nature and prioritize and safeguard our beautiful planet and the people and animals that live on it.


Human and planetary health are interconnected, and this partnership is a great opportunity to raise awareness and inspire action in young people and families to connect with environmental issues and do their part to save our collective home: Planet Earth. 


As conservation partner, WWF will support the KOATI team with the development of various educational products to help raise awareness about the relevance of nature. 


KOATI is a beautiful, animated film that makes you laugh and will also touch your heart. It was born from a sense of Latino pride of our family values, authenticity, and respect for our environment and endangered animals. KOATI is a fun and beautiful gift from Latin America to the world,” said Sofía Vergara, who is also Executive Producer of the film. 


“I am thrilled to join Sofia and a great cast of Hispanic producers, music stars, comedians, and actors to create an animated movie set up to share with the world the richness of Latin American rainforests.  I can’t wait to share with the world, this important and inspirational film,” stated Marc Anthony.


“Latin America holds unmatched biodiversity, stunning landscapes and seascapes, and cultures and communities with deep connections to nature,” said Carter Roberts, President and CEO of WWF-US. “On this Earth Day, WWF thanks the artists, celebrities, and influencers behind KOATI for helping us send an important message. If we work together, we can repair our broken relationship with nature and secure a future for people and animals in Latin America and around the world. The time to act is now.” 


WWF efforts are focused on protecting emblematic and endangered species and their habitats, such as the ones featured in the film. The Americas are home to the jaguar – the continent’s largest cat – that has lost 50% of its original range. WWF work aims to ensure the recovery of jaguars and their habitats, while contributing to sustainable development in local communities. 


WWF also works to protect the Eastern migratory monarch butterfly. In Mexico, WWF collaborates to promote good forest management practices in the areas where millions of butterflies congregate each year to spend the winter. In the US, WWF works with leading food companies to help rebuild natural habitats for monarch butterflies and other pollinators.


Latin America is among the regions with the most biological and cultural diversity in the world, but it is also losing species and ecosystems at a faster rate than anywhere else. We must act quickly to double-down on our efforts to conserve our amazing nature that provides water, food, air, medicine, shelter, livelihoods and also the colors, flavors and rhythms that make up our identities,said Roberto Troya, Regional Director of WWF in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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About KOATI 

KOATI is the first Latin animated comedy starring a family of exotic creatures on an adventure to save their rainforests. The film, executive produced by Sofia Vergara and Marc Anthony, features renowned Hispanic producers, musicians, actors, comedians and influencers that teamed up, for the first time outside of Hollywood, to bring their + 300 million fans on an exciting green journey. 


KOATI was created by Anabella Dovarganes-Sosa, directed by Rodrigo Perez-Casto, written by Alan Resnik/Ligiah Villalobos and produced by Latin WE Productions, Upstairs Animation, Magnus Studios and Jose Nacif (Los Hijos de Jack).  Executive producer-chief story consultant, Melissa Escobar, Luis Balaguer (Latin WE) and Felipe Pimiento (Magnus Studios) also act as executive producers alongside Sofía Vergara and Marc Anthony.


About WWF

WWF is an independent conservation organisation, with over 35 million supporters and a global network active in nearly 100 countries. Our mission is to stop the degradation of the planet's natural environment and to build a future in which people live in harmony with nature, by conserving the world's biological diversity, ensuring that the use of renewable natural resources is sustainable, and promoting the reduction of pollution and wasteful consumption. Visit www.panda.org/news for the latest news and media resources, and follow us on Twitter @WWF_media


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