WWF statement on WEF's New Nature Economy Report

Posted on 19 January 2020

In response to the World Economic Forum's New Nature Economy report, Nature Risk Rising, WWF issued the following statement from Marco Lambertini, Director General of WWF International:

“Reversing nature loss is critical for economic prosperity and business success. This research provides compelling evidence of the tremendous extent to which our economy depends on nature and its services. The economic and financial risks and costs of nature’s loss are enormous. The report shows that USD 44 trillion of economic value generation – over half the world’s total GDP – is dependent on nature. This means the economy is alarmingly exposed to risks from today’s unprecedented and catastrophic loss of nature. Left unchecked, these risks have the potential to destabilize the entire global economy.


We urgently need to value and stop abusing nature, transform economic and financial incentives and reshape our economic system to tackle this problem.


“Business can play a critical role in reversing nature loss by adopting sustainable practices – which make sound business sense. Governments must make ambitious decisions and adopt a New Deal for Nature and People in 2020 for the future of our economies and society.

“Together we can put nature at the heart of a healthy world economy.”
Find link to the report here

Locals seek refuge on the beach as a bushfire hits in New South Wales, Australia.
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