WWF closing statement for 28th Session of the International Seabed Authority Council Part 3

Posted on 09 November 2023

Jessica Battle, Global Lead for WWF’s No Deep Seabed Mining Initiative said: “The calls for a moratorium on deep seabed mining continue to rise as more countries and companies join the growing wave of voices calling for a halt to this destructive industry. As the meeting at the ISA comes to a close,  it is becoming increasingly evident that the regulations under negotiation here have major gaps, and it will take many years before those gaps may be closed. Much more science is needed to inform decisions, or we risk opening the door to an industry that would cause major harm to the marine environment.


“We rather need to invest in the right technologies and reshape our societies to reduce our energy and mineral demands. There are other sustainable alternatives available that do not require minerals from the deep sea as we transition to a fossil free economy. 


“It is our shared responsibility to safeguard the ocean from the potentially destructive impact of this industry, preserving its natural beauty and renewable resources for generations to come.