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22-25 January 2019. We're rallying world leaders to act for the planet, our one home. Add your voice to demand for a sustainable future for all.

WWF at World Economic Forum

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Davos 2019

The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting is the only yearly gathering that brings together leaders of global society. The heads and members of more than 100 governments, top executives of the 1,000 foremost global companies, leaders of international organizations and relevant non-governmental organizations, the most prominent cultural, societal and thought leaders, and the disruptive voices of the Forum’s Young Global Leaders, Global Shapers and Technology Pioneers come together at the beginning of each year to define priorities and shape global, industry and regional agendas.

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WWF at Davos 2019

As biodiversity loss continues, we push the natural systems that people and businesses depend on, to the edge. Protecting and restoring nature and biodiversity is fundamental to economic prosperity, sustainable development and addressing climate change. 2020 sees a historic moment when world leaders will take key decisions on the environment, climate and sustainable development. We need governments, businesses, financial institutions, civil society and everyone to commit to halt and start reversing the loss of nature by 2030, and restore nature to more sustainable levels by 2050.

At Davos, we will be asking business and political leaders globally to come together to help us achieve this. Add your voice to show your support for the planet, our one home. 

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New Deal For Nature & People
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WEF 2019: WWF welcomes call by Sir David Attenborough for global environmental action

WWF ambassador calls on global leaders to take action to protect the natural world in conversation with HRH Duke of Cambridge on-stage at the Forum

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World first: revolutionary blockchain platform empowers all to track environmental and ethical impact of food and products

WWF and BCG Digital Ventures are launching a revolutionary digital platform that uses blockchain and other technologies to track food and products, and helps people and business to avoid illegal, environmentally-damaging or unethical goods.

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Time to invest in a new deal for nature and people.

With the World Economic Forum underway in , Margaret Kuhlow, WWF Finance Practice Lead, reflects on its latest Global Risks Report and calls on the financial sector to redouble investment in sustainability and support a New Deal for Nature and People.

It's time to push biodiversity up the global agenda. Here's why

In the race to solve the challenges facing our planet, we can't afford to ignore the threat to biodiversity. This should be the year that sees real momentum behind a biodiversity action agenda - we need a 'New Deal for Nature' to emerge.

WWF statement on WEF's Global Risks Report 2019

Environment-related risks - including extreme weather, climate inaction and biodiversity loss - are seen as the biggest challenges facing humanity, and growing in scale, according to the World Economic Forum's Global Risks Report 2019, released today. They account for three of the top five risks by likelihood and four by impact.

Corporate action is essential to deliver a new deal for nature and people

"We believe business will be stronger if the ecosystems they depend on are healthy and strong." This quote best summarises the essence of the discussion at our breakfast meeting at the WEF Annual Meeting at Davos today. We came together with companies, business associations and NGOs to discuss the role of business in supporting and delivering a New Deal for Nature and People.

Can we halt runaway climate change? Forests hold the key

Climate change continues to dominate the headlines as we start the new year. As world leaders gather in Davos for the annual World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting, we need to remember that the next few years are going to be critical to put the world on the path to a more sustainable future that safeguards people and the natural resources we rely upon.

A healthy planet needs diverse diets

Currently, we get more than 50% of our plant-based calories from just three crops, even though more than 5,000 have been used for food historically. Joao Campari is Global Food Practice Leader at WWF International. This week, at the World Economic Forum, world leaders are discussing how to adapt and survive in an age of globalisation and technological disruption.

Ninth time lucky? Will businesses finally start responding to water risk?

Alexis Morgan, WWF Water Stewardship Lead The World Economic Forum (WEF) has just released the 2019 iteration of its annual Global Risk Report, and once again, water crises feature in the top five most impactful risks facing our planet - for the ninth year in a row. And that's not all.

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: Global Risks require urgent action on Climate and Nature | Sustainability

"These services provided by nature that people and businesses depend on, such as clean water, pollination or protection against floods, are estimated to be worth US$125 trillion per year - around two-thirds higher than global GDP. Too big to fail, you could say."