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FSC Fridays

Posted on 01 November 2019

As parents prepared their children for back-to-school, WWF-Bulgaria promoted school supplies with an FSC label
Our region is home to many of Europe’s most substantial remaining primeval beech and old growth forests. A staggering 2.5 million m3 of timber, or roughly a third of total annual production, is lost annually to illegal logging in Bulgaria alone. Some of the last remaining old-growth forests in Europe are found in Bulgaria, which are crucial for preserving rich floral and faunal diversity. A campaign currently being run by WWF-Bulgaria requests that we act now to protect these forests: “If they could speak, they would ask you for something.” With a silent plea for help, animals living within these forests are urging us to protect the place that they call home.
As parents prepared their children for back-to-school, WWF-Bulgaria promoted school supplies with an FSC label, which indicates that the stationary has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and has been sourced from responsibly managed forests. WWF has created a video to encourage Bulgarian consumers choose to purchase products that carry this label:

A variety of products are made from responsibly harvested wood and carry the FSC label, ranging from office supplies to personal care and home products, making it easy and convenient to purchase environmentally responsible products that help protect forests in the Green Heart of Europe. The speed with which we are destroying the planet’s forest is almost inconceivable. Every minute, forests equivalent to the size of 40 football fields are disappearing irrevocably. If FSC-labelled products succeed in sales, more forests will be managed sustainably, and thus will positively impact the economic needs of people as well as the biodiversity of nature.
FSC’s 25th Anniversary
To celebrate the 25 years that FSC has been protecting and improving responsible management of the world’s forests, WWF-Bulgaria collaborated with European Researchers Night at the Natural History Museum in Sofia, Bulgaria. There were interactive games, an FSC quiz, and VR glasses which taught the visitors about the beautiful, majestic old-growth forests. Moreover, an FSC Exhibition is on display at the museum which will remain up until October 15. Meanwhile, WWF-Slovakia celebrated FSC Friday by participating in an educational event for high school students called Green Day. The event was organised by the Slovak Green Buildings Council and held at Slovak Technical University in Bratislava. Green Day included expert lectures and discussions concerning sustainability, green innovation, and healthy living and dieting. WWF-Slovakia made presentations and set up an information stand to raise awareness about FSC and responsible forest management.
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If they could speak, they would ask you for something.”
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Green Day Event on FSC with WWF-Slovakia
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