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WWF Tanzania Awarded Best NGO Leader in East Africa 2019

Posted on 21 June 2019

WWF Tanzania Country office has been honoured an award as the best NGO leader in East Africa. In an event in Dar Es Salaam, The World CSR Day presented the NGO leadership to WWF Tanzania alongside Water Aid, Hellen Keller International and Kenya AIDS NGOs Consortium
Speaking after receiving the Award the Country Director Dr. Amani Ngusaru appreciated the support that WWF have received from the stakeholders and especially the communities on the ground in areas that WWF is working in.
“It is a great honor for WWF Tanzania that what we are doing is being recognized as adding value to the livelihoods of the communities we work in and making a significant change in the conservation of the natural resources that we are blessed with.
We are an organization that is that is people centered and safe guiding the well being of the communities in the country while protecting our natural resources is a priority in everything that we do. We thank all our supports and the communities in our priority areas as this recognition wouldn’t have been possible without them”. He said
Speaking of the criteria that were used to select the champion NGO Dr. R. L. Bhatia
 Who is the founder of WCSR Day leader said they were looking for leaders who can make a difference to the lives of others, whose quality of their work especially in rural areas reach a multitude of people and contribute the value of social change.
“A Change that can be quantified - especially since it impacts the lives of many. If it does then it is positive change. But the main is Making A Difference (MAD) in the livelihoods of people.
The East Africa Leadership Awards recognizes leaders who have contributed value & made a change as a strategic tool for sustainable growth. The leaders who contribute in making a difference in the livelihoods of the people in the grass root communities.
Bertha Minja - WWF Tanzania People and Development Manager showing off the award
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