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WWF Staff Refresh on SD4C Policies

Posted on 09 December 2018

Last week, World Wide Fund for Nature Uganda Country Office staff received a capacity building training on Social Development for Conservation (SD4C) policies during a two days meeting at K hotels in Entebbe. The SD4C policies include: the WWF Indigenous people policy (2007), Poverty and Conservation policy (2009), Gender (2011) and the Human rights policy (2009).
The meeting for this year was organized and facilitated by the team from the Forest and Biodiversity programme.

This was to help offices ensure that relevant staff members; Raise general awareness of the social policies and the project complaints resolution process as it, relate to WWF’s Social Policies, assess program performance against SD4C policies, Know their role, if any, in complying with the process and propose a Compliance Resolution Mechanism set up for WWF UCO.

Among other benefits, integrating social development in conservation strategies improves conservation success and sustainability. It also in making conservation more relevant to other external agendas using the provided standard score sheet, staff from different programs were grouped to assess and score program performance against SD4C policies. Several recommendations were to be made after the process.

Staff was also engaged in developing a Complaints Resolution Mechanism for UCO as per the SD4C policies.
The CRM aims at ensuring among others that WWF remains accountable to commitments laid out in the social policies and give communities a way to “Speak Up” if WWF or its partners have harmed them or are in breach of WWF social policies.

The mechanism will also help to mitigate external risks before escalation to the public or covered by the media.
Martin Asiimwe explaining some of the SD4C policies to the staff
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