Let's celebrate World Mangrove Day together!

Posted on 25 July 2018

World Mangrove Day is celebrated each year in Madagascar and around the world on July 26th. But why is it so important to preserve mangroves?
Firstly, they are a nursey for many different species of fish and shellfish. Without them, crabs and shrimp would not exist as they do in the wild. Mangroves also act as a refuge for many bird species, and in Madagascar, many mammals such as lemurs and bats also reside in them.

Here in Madagascar, mangroves are being preserved in Ambaro Bay, in the north of the Mozambique Channel. A total of sixteen community organizations help protect approximately 20,000 hectares of mangroves in the area. WWF contributes to mangrove management by working with partners like Roseda.

The mangrove forests found in Tsiribihina Delta  have been designated as wetlands of international importance under the Ramsar Convention. The mangroves of Manambolo, near Maintirano, are the largest natural home of the Madagascan fish eagle, the biggest of its kind in the country. In these areas, WWF intervenes at a regional level with civil society organizations like FIVE Menabe or the NGO Fanoitra in order to sustainably manage mangroves for the benefit of local people.

Major festivals have been organized in these three regions to mark the day. Mangrove restorations, village festivals, screenings, mangrove product cooking contests, quizzes, and many other types of celebrations have been arranged in Ampasivelona, near Ambilobe, and Kaday, north of Morondava.

Join the big mangrove party, and make sure to send us your mangrove photos and share our call to action by using the hashtags #protectmangroves #worldmangrovesday on social media!
Mangroves dans la région Diana
Mangroves dans la région Diana
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