WWF-France is sad to announce the disappearance of Philippe Germa

Posted on 11 August 2015

WWF are deeply saddened by the announcement of Philippe Germa’s sudden disappearance at sea.
Isabelle Autissier, Chairperson of WWF-France, the members of the Board as well as all our WWF family are deeply saddened by the announcement of Philippe Germa’s sudden disappearance at sea.
In this difficult time, each and every member of our teams would like to issue their prayers and wishes to his family.

Philippe was passionate about oceans and the marine world, and was more than a leader from the environmental movement.  He was profoundly humanistic, passionate about his ecological vision and desire to leave a living planet to future generations.

Named Director General in February 2013, Philippe joined WWF-France originally in 2008 as a Board trustee, and then becoming Treasurer in 2012. During this time, he actively participated in the national debates in France on the energy transition, on behalf of WWF-France.

Early in his career in the 1970s, Philippe was already convinced that  environmental protection would be in the 21st century what the economy was in the previous century. 

He  joined the “Friends of the Earth”.  In 1981, he actively participated in the presidential campaign of the green party.  He was the inspiration for the slogan “En vert et contre tous”, and participated in the campaigns against nuclear power plants in France.

In May 1988, under the Michel Rocard government, Philippe Germa was  appointed Technical Advisor in the cabinet of the Minister of Environment.  He worked alongside the Minister for 5 years, where he was the communications advisor, as well as responsible for strategic dossiers including legislative reform to eliminate CFC, the elimination of phosphates from detergents, the decree on the creation of eco-organisms including “Eco-packaging”, legislative reforms on water quality, and waste…

In 1993, he struck out into the world of green business and set up an environmental investment fund as part of the Dutch bank ABN Amro. The company, whose first managing director he was, was taken over by the Caisse des Dépôts, later renamed Natixis Environnement & Infrastructures and now manages €1.5 billion of investments across some 60 projects especially renewable energy and sustainable infrastructures.

In 1990, he participated in the creation of the « Ecology Generation » political party.  He was promoted to the rank of “Chevalier” of the French Legion of Honour in 2004.

As our friend and a friend of our Planet, we already miss Philippe terribly.
Philippe Germa
© WWF-France

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