Old-growth forests: the unknown treasures of Bulgaria

Posted on February, 12 2013

Old, hardly accessible forests used to be an integral part of Bulgarian past, but we rarely find them nowadays
In the past Bulgarian lands were covered with dense and impenetrable forests. Many annalists and
travelers from that time left interesting, though only occasional, references about the impressive woods
of Thrace and Ludogorie regions, the Rhodope, Rila and Pirin Mountains. For example, the chroniclers
of the First Crusade in 1096 described the „Great Bulgarian Forest“ (Silva Bulgarorum) as „enormous
and vast“ (ingentia et spatiossissima), spread „far and wide“ (longe lateque). Over eight days were
needed to cross the „immeasurable and unheard forests of the Bulgarian Kingdom“. The large forests
of Ludogorie region (Deliorman) were called „ağaç denize“, or Sea of trees.

Today, single tree veterans such as the Granitski Oak, Baykusheva Pine and many others remind us of
the majestic ancient forests that used to cover vast areas once upon a time.
Old-growth forests: the unknown treasures of Bulgaria
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