Inspiring Girl Scout troop helps save endangered species with WWF and Earth Hour

Posted on February, 26 2014

Famous cookie sellers raise money for a sniffer dog patrol
For the past five years, a Girl Scout troop in the US state of New Jersey has mobilized its community in the city of Medford to participate in Earth Hour. This year, Ambassador Troop 24349 is using its power to make a difference for wildlife in far away Nepal.

The scouts are harnessing their love for the environment and applying their entrepreneurial skills to raise money for a WWF project that will adopt and train sniffer dogs to protect endangered tigers, elephants and rhinos from poachers.

The Medford Girl Scouts’ Cookies for Puppies initiative aims to teach younger scouts about the need to protect wildlife while raising a $500 donation for the rangers of Chitwan National Park who are putting their lives on the line to fight against wildlife crime.

As a thank you, the girls will be able to suggest a name for one of the puppies.

“I would like to send my deepest appreciation to the Medford Girl Scouts,” said Dr. Amirtharaj “Christy” Williams who is WWF’s Asian rhino and elephant expert based in Nepal.

“Sometimes it feels like the problems facing our planet and our amazing animals are too big, but when each of us does what we can to help we can have hope. The Girl Scouts set a great example to us all that when we join together we can make extraordinary things happen,” Williams said.

You can join Williams and the scouts in supporting the Puppy Protectors project by visiting Earth Hour Blue and using your power today!

Medford girl scouts sell cookies to help save endangered species.
© Rachel Stern
The scouts were joined by their town council in 2010 to celebrate Earth Hour. This year the hour is on March 29, 2014.
© Rachel Stern