Day eight: Whales and thoughts

Posted on 19 June 2008

Swedish Ambassadors Nanny-Maja and Sven report for the Voyage for the Future ahead of their last night on the boat, and say the voyage for the present is just getting started.
Nothing beats the Arctic, this is the most beautiful place we’ve even been, and for every day that passes out here it’s getting clearer and clearer to us how magnificent and wonderful the world is. Nobody can want all this to be different, but it is sadly more or less up to us how we want the world to look like. Neither the polar bear, nor the belugas that we saw today have a clue about this, but boy, will they notice the change! 

What has really amazed us during these days is how people have to adapt to nature up here (like it should be). In other places of the world we’ve forced nature to adapt to us and our way of living. Here everything is different. If you don’t respect the nature here you won’t make it far.

This is the last night on the boat. The Voyage for the Future is coming to an end, and the voyage for the present is just getting started. Although we’ve never been more exhausted in all our lives, we’ve never been this confident and inspired about working towards saving the planet from the climate disruptions. We have enough knowledge to act, and there are endless options on how to make a change. All ambassadors’ heads are full of small scale and large solutions!

We’re going to follow an advice that we got from our fantastic communicator: “Everybody wants to do everything to solve climate change, but it’s better to choose one action that you really believe in, and do it well, before you move on to the next.” This tip makes the challenge easier to overlook and stimulates you to at least do something.

So let’s set realistic goals and do the things that we are best at! You can too!