WWF Film Calls for Action to Avoid our World Going “Up In Smoke”

Posted on December, 04 2023

At COP28, WWF covers Billie Eilish and Finneas in a startling stop-motion film on the devastating impact of fossil fuels and the urgent need to phase them out
Continuing their ongoing collaboration, WWF and London-based animation company NOMINT announce the release of "Up in Smoke" at COP28, a film that urgently addresses the global climate crisis driven by fossil fuel emissions and features a reinterpretation of Billie Eilish’s and Finneas’s hit song "When the Party's Over." 

Employing innovative stop-motion animation with real smoke to tell the story of the devastating effects of fossil fuel emissions on humans and the planet, "Up in Smoke" visually articulates the dangers of continued fossil fuel use. 

Following in the footsteps of critically acclaimed works "Can’t Negotiate the Melting Point of Ice" and "A Flammable Planet," "Up in Smoke" continues the partnership's legacy of fusing artistic creativity with environmental activism.

Film Synopsis: A World Covered in Smoke

"Up in Smoke" immerses audiences in a world where a young girl confronts a smoke-filled environment, symbolizing the catastrophic consequences of fossil fuel emissions. The film's narrative, depicted through groundbreaking stop-motion animation using real smoke, powerfully conveys the urgent environmental themes.

Innovative Production Process

For "Up in Smoke," NOMINT employed a unique production process, integrating stop-motion animation with real smoke, and using a full-color 3D printing technique to create over 700 unique sculptures for different poses of the girl. The film, a year-long project, included a full month dedicated to shooting and was shot entirely in-camera, exemplifying NOMINT's commitment to environmental messaging through innovative visual artistry. Directed by co-founder Yannis Konstantinidis, "Up in Smoke" exemplifies NOMINT's dedication to blending technology with storytelling.

Essential Themes:
  • The role of fossil fuels as a primary driver of climate change.
  • The irreversible impact on the planet and humanity.
  • The urgency for global leaders to shift to 100% renewable energy.

A Legacy of Award-Winning Stop-Motion Innovation

This film builds upon "Can’t Negotiate the Melting Point of Ice," a stop-motion film created entirely using real melting ice, and "A Flammable Planet," employing live fire. Both films have been lauded for their innovative storytelling and strong environmental messages, earning awards including Cannes Lions, Webbys, Clios, One Show, and D&ADs.

Musical Collaboration: Enhancing Emotional Depth

Featuring The Social Singing Choir from Margate, the film includes a poignant rendition of the hit song "When the Party's Over," originally performed by Billie Eilish and written by Finneas O'Connell. The Margate-based Social Singing Choir, formed in 2018, is celebrated for its inclusive approach to music, contributing to various performances and collaborations.

Invitation to Witness and Act

“Up in Smoke" emphasizes the critical need for action against the climate crisis. The film is a compelling call to action for a sustainable future. At COP28, WWF is calling on countries to commit to phase-out all fossil fuels well before 2050, with developed countries achieving this far sooner. Ambitious targets are also needed to accelerate the transformation of the global energy system to deliver 100% renewable energy, increased energy efficiency and expanded energy access.

CAMPAIGN: “Up In Smoke” 
CREATIVE DIRECTION: Yannis Konstantinidis, Christos Lefakis
DIRECTOR: Yannis Konstantinidis
PERFORMANCE: The Social Singing Choir

LABEL: Manners McDade
MUSIC/ LYRICS: Finneas O’Connell
SOUND DESIGN/ MIX: Rabbeats Music
COLOUR GRADING: George Kyriacou (at Black Kite Studios)
MARKET: Global
The 'Up in Smoke' film showcases the devastating impact of fossil fuels