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The current rate of consumption across Europe is unsustainable. We need to reduce our impact - our ecological footprint – by two thirds to a sustainable and globally equitable level. Different countries, however, are consuming at different levels. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been ranked as having the highest Ecological Footprint in the world. It is the aim of the One Planet Living (OPL) project to partner with an innovative developer willing to build the first sustainable OPL community in the UAE.


If everyone in the world lived as those in Europe we would need 3 planets to support us. Different countries, however, have vastly different rates of consumption. In the USA, 5 planets would be needed to keep up with the rate of consumption. By contrast, China is currently living within the limits of 1 planet, but its rapid development is likely to lead to a massively increased impact. Currently the UAE is ranked as having the highest ecological footprint per capita in the world.

The challenge that faces the world is: how can we enjoy a high quality of life, within the capacity of just one planet?

One Planet Living is a registered trade mark and a joint initiative of BioRegional Development Group and WWF based on 10 guiding principles of sustainability. The vision of One Planet Living is a world in which people everywhere can lead happy, healthy lives using only their fair share of the Earth's resources.

This project partners with an innovative development company in Abu Dhabi, UAE to create te first OPL community in the Middle East.


One Planet Living communities will adopt the following guiding principles:
1. Zero carbon
2. Zero waste
3. Sustainable transport
4. Sustainable materials
5. Local and sustainable food
6. Sustainable water
7. Natural habitats and wildlife
8. Culture and heritage
9. Equity and fair trade
10. Health and happiness

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