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We have lost 97% of our wild tigers in just over a century. With as few as 3,200 remaining, action is needed to increase and strengthen their habitat and protect the species from major threats such as poaching. WWF works with the 13 tiger countries to create a future for wild tigers.
Latest Tiger News & Reports
27 May 2015

The population of the Amur tiger in Russia has increased to as many as 540 individuals over the ...

19 Feb 2015

The footage captured by a WWF camera trap is the first infrared video of a tiger family so deep ...

20 Jan 2015

India’s tiger population has significantly increased according to the 2014-15 India tiger ...

16 Sep 2014

2nd Stocktaking Conference of The Global Tiger Recovery Program (GTRP) closed with tiger ...

10 Sep 2014

Senior government officials from the 13 tiger range countries (TRC) will meet in Dhaka, Bangladesh ...

30 Jul 2014

In response to the urgent poaching crisis, International Ranger Federation, Ranger Federation of ...

29 Jul 2014

Wild tigers face the risk of extinction in some countries due to a lack of information. 

16 Jun 2014

New Delhi: In what is great news for the tigers of India, the forests of the Pilibhit Forest ...

09 Mar 2014

The Indonesian Council of Ulema signed a fatwa requiring the country’s 200 million Muslims to take ...

07 Mar 2014

WWF honoured the work of nine organizations in Nepal that played an instrumental role in achieving ...

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tiger cubs video camera trap 
© WWF Camera trap
WWF camera trap yields first-time film of tigress and cubs in Sumatra, Indonesia.
© WWF Camera trap

2013 In Review

2013 was a landmark year for tiger conservation. Huge gains were made in protection, monitoring and legislation across the tigers range - here are a few of the major highlights.
The Tigers Alive Initiative is the Global Initiative focused on the conservation of wild tigers across their native range. The Initiative works with WWF country offices (links at right) and partners to magnify the impacts of WWF’s tiger work from the ground to the political-level. The Initiative works in 12 large landscapes which stretch across the 13 tiger range countries.  
Tigers Alive Initiative


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