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Human activities are destroying the natural world we all depend on for our survival and well-being. The threats grow by the day. But WWF remains hopeful and works tirelessly with people around the world to build a future where humanity and nature thrive.

Millions of like-minded individuals are already making their voice heard. But hundreds of millions more must act if we are to have the big impact that is so desperately needed. Every single one of us has a role to play. And supporting WWF guarantees you are doing something positive for the future of people and planet.

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Our teams of experts work in almost 100 countries to protect and restore the natural world that sustains and inspires us. Together, we are champions for coral reefs, rainforests, ice caps and free-flowing rivers. For the many vulnerable communities who are already being harmed by nature loss. And for the many endangered species that cannot speak up for themselves.


You can adopt an animal through one of our national offices, including WWF-UK, WWF-CA (Canada), WWF-AU (Australia), and WWF-USA. Adoption is a great way to support WWF and the work we do to protect some of the world’s most endangered wildlife. Adoption is symbolic – meaning that supporters are showing they care about a particular species rather than adopting an individual animal or group of animals.

Unfortunately, WWF International does not accept donations by cheque. If you would like to donate to your local WWF, please visit the office's website.

WWF International cannot provide registered tax receipts to US, Canadian or Australian residents. To make a tax-receiptable donation, please go to wwf.org and locate the WWF office in your country of residence. If you believe your donation is tax-deductible in your country or residence, please write in to donations@wwfint.org to request a receipt.

To cancel your donation to WWF International, please email donations@wwfint.org and attach a WWF email confirming we’ve received any of your donations. To cancel your donation to a local WWF office, please contact them directly.